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Francisco Martínez Senior editor

Batch Image Resizer can change the size of any amount of image files regardless of their type. It supports all the most popular formats, such as JPEG, TIFF, PNG, BMP, and GIF, and it comes with high-quality algorithms that allows for intelligent image resizing and cropping. This new version of the program offers you the possibility of applying some useful color-related settings and various artistic effects to your images.

This professional resizing tool cleverly combines custom and automatic resizing and cropping processes to fit the needs of all types of users.
You can choose among various size-related tools – resize, best fit, constrained resize, crop, fixed crop and smart crop. Each of these functions comes with its own settings, allowing you to define the resizing method (either by pixels or by percentage), the area to be cropped, how it will affect the original aspect ratio, what to do with the resulting white space, etc. The possibilities are endless, thanks to the high degree of flexibility that each and every feature provides.

To extend this flexibility even further, you can add conditions to some of the tasks performed by the program to control the output. Thus, you can tell the program to rotate a picture only if it is positioned in a certain way, or to change the width and height proportionally, or to use relative values to make sure that every image is given the right treatment.

Batch Image Resizer has recently become a “batch image editor” too. The new color-related functions that have been lately incorporated into the program allows you to batch-edit the brightness, contrast, saturation, color tint, temperature, the noise or the white balance of any picture or batch of pictures. Moreover, you can apply a sepia or a grayscale tone to your images in one single step. All the applied changes are visible in real time in the program’s image viewer, and – if anything fails – they can all be easily rolled back.

All in all, Batch Image Resizer makes picture editing, cropping, renaming, and resizing a simple and rewarding experience with stunning professional results.


  • Support for some of the most popular image file formats.
  • Clear 3-step resizing and editing process.
  • Allows for both automatic and customized editing.
  • Professional customization settings.
  • Includes specific settings for each output format.


  • Resizing, cropping, and editing features are all mixed up in the same dialog.

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